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The energy efficient model factory of the future


The aim of the project is the construction of a model factory, which unites several interdisciplinary approaches to reduce the energy consumption as well as the CO2- emissions of industrial production processes.

Aim of the reserach project ETA- Factory
Aim of the reserach project ETA- Factory

Over the past years, the topic of energy efficiency gained awareness from politics, society and economy. However, the topic is not integrated into the engineering education. Especially interdisciplinary aspects of energy efficiency have not yet been considered in research and education.

A particular goal of the ETA-factory is to enable young professionals in engineering and decision makers from the industry to notice energy efficiency potentials in the companies in order to realize projects exploiting the potentials.

The innovations developed throughout the project in the area of energy efficiency shall furthermore be transferred into the industry. Regarding the connection between fulfilling the climate protection targets through more environmentally friendly production in Germany as well as providing a competitive advantage through innovative manufacturing processes and efficient products “made in Germany”, the projects of the η-Factory blaze new paths.